Farming Mussels Strikes A Perfect Balance

Oceans are critical to the well being of our planet. Ninety percent of the world's living creatures live in the ocean. Oceans also provide the main source of protein for one-sixth of the human population. With seventy-five percent of world fish stocks overly exploited, we are depleting the marine life that we eat faster than their populations can replenish. The widespread depletion of seafood, global climate change and pollution are increasing every year. However, responsible practices of aquaculture, are proving to be a sustainable source of seafood for billions of people.

According to the New England Aquarium and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, rope-grown mussel aquaculture, strikes a perfect balance for the health and well being of our planet. Mussels are one of the best choices for seafood today.

Mussels filter tiny plankton out of the water for their food, so they need no supplemental feeding. Unlike some forms of fish farming, mussels are not raised in crowded pens and do not rely on the farmer to feed them. They get all their nourishment naturally, from the pristine ocean waters that surround them while they grow. In return, they improve the water quality as they clear the water of excess plankton. Mussels must come from non-polluted water when farmed for human consumption. The Canadian Fisheries Department tests the waters on a daily basis to ensure the coastal waters are clean and free of any toxins.

Canadian Cove mussels are raised on ropes suspended off the sea floor, and are harvested to the surface by boats; no dragging or scaring of the sea bottom occurs.


Atlantic Aqua Green Pack

Atlantic Aqua Farms Introduces the first 100% recyclable mussel pack. Our farmed raised mussels rank among the most sustainable aquaculture products available. Now we have an environmentally friendly delivery system which also enhances mussel shelf-life. Our master case is not wax impregnated. It is made from corrugated material treated with 100% recyclable coatings which are waterproof. Inside the master case sits a false bottom made out of virgin polypropylene also 100% recyclable. This false bottom allows the mussels to sit above any drainage and ice melt extending shelf life. This pack is ideal for warehouse customers requiring dry freight packaging, and ideal for any customer who wants the leading packaging for sustainability and the environment.

Did you know that the New England Aquarium has indicated that the suspended culture system in which mussels are grown is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of aquaculture... Overall, farmed mussels are an excellent choice for seafood lovers