Why are Canadian Cove Mussels the Best?

  • We are the largest fully-integrated grower and processor of live mussels in North America. We control leases in 7 growing areas around PEI and 4 growing areas in Nova Scotia. In addition we have long-standing relationships with independent growers, ensuring a consistent supply of the world's best mussels year-round. Our multiple geographic locations allow us to ship high quality mussels 12 months a year.
  • We only use seed from cultivated collector lines.
  • Our farming densities are extremely low, so we have fewer mussels competing for the available food in the water column. This is why we consistently produce mussels with high meat yields.
  • Our processing equipment is state of the art, and we take many extra steps in processing our mussels to minimize stress and maximize shelf life.
  • We have a very tight grading standard, and strive for uniform size mussels in all our packs. Chefs like uniform sized mussels that cook evenly. (No 2 inch mussels mixed in with 3 inch mussels).
  • Our goal is zero tolerance for broken shells, marine fouling or byssal threads. Our mussels will be perfectly clean and "ready for your pot".
  • Our state of the art holding system, holds over one million pounds of inventory. This guarantees our customers continuity of supply even when the weather is poor and the boats can't get out to harvest.
  • Our mussels are tested for meat yield even before they are delivered to the plant. We employ a full time quality control officer. Every mussel lot goes through our quality control lab to ensure it meets our high standards. We provide total traceability.
  • We pride ourselves in giving the highest level of customer service.

Meat Yields

The old slogan "You get what you pay for" certainly holds true for mussels. Canadian Cove is the high quality leader and there is a reason. You will get useable, pot ready, evenly sized, and meaty mussels in all our packs. This alone usually accounts for any price difference but if not, meat yields will.


* The above data comes from an independent 3rd party test conducted by a large multi-unit restaurant chain.

* Meat yields vary greatly throughout the year; however through the course of the year Canadian Cove mussels will be consistently better quality.

Quality, freshness, superior customer service Ö thatís the day job of the team at Atlantic Aqua Farms.