In 2007 Atlantic Aqua Farms was granted permission from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to process and ship a high oxygen tray pack. The company developed the process over 8 years of in house and third party lab experimentation and trials with different gas mixes and packaging combinations to provide the optimum conditions for product quality and shelf life. The mixture relaxes the mussels and puts them in a dormant state and extends shelf life. Supported by third party laboratory microbiological analysis, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has granted our packs up to an 18 day shelf life. In addition to the long shelf life our high oxygen packaging is much more consumer friendly. Ninety percent of the mussels sold in Europe are sold in similar packaging. We currently produce 1lb, 2lb and 5lb trays.

...We use Canadian Cove mussels because our customers demand it. Canadian Cove is premium versus other PEI or any other source. Canadian Cove's product is higher priced because their customers demand higher quality." Testimonial from a Food Service Distributor