Mussel Packs

Wet Packs
1x25lb. Wet pack 25x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
2x25lb. Wet pack 12x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
5x10lb. Wet pack 10x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
10x5lb. Wet pack 8x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
5x5lb. Wet pack 5x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
We pack vats 350lbs. up to 1200lbs. with any combination of the packs above. Vats allow us to pack the mussels in extra ice providing exceptional shelf life and quality.
Dry Packs (100% recyclable)
1x10lb. Dry pack 5x2lb. Mesh or plastic dry pack

Orders and Delivery

We deliver fresh mussels 5 days a week to many U.S. and Canadian markets coast to coast. An order schedule will be worked out between the parties. All mussels are packed to consumer specifications.

Marketing and Promotion

Atlantic Aqua Farms is committed to help make your mussel program grow. We will work with you and your team to customize a support program tailored to your needs, including on site sales training and promotional materials. We protect and stand by our customers and will not over sell a market area.

Product Specifications

Our live blue mussels are cultivated on ropes in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Canada (Mytilus Edulis). Our products will be branded as "Canadian Cove" or shall be Atlantic Aqua Farms produced and private labeled for customers. We are CFIA/HACCP/QMP compliant and all products are processed and packed under strict sanitary conditions free from all foreign and extraneous matter, including chemicals or additives, in accordance with FDA current Good Manufacturing practices.

The net weight of the product shall not be less than the declared weight at termination of sell by date. Each bag of mussels will be of uniform size, and without barnacles, beards, parasites and other marine life growth. There will be no decomposition in any shipped products. Mussels stay fresh 14 days from pack date, provided proper temperatures and storage techniques are maintained.


Mussels are best stored in a cooler or refrigerator with a temperature between 32-40 degrees F (0 to 5 degrees C). Mussels love to be buried in ice and this is by far the best way to store them, provided that the ice melt water is allowed to drain. The mussels will drown and die if allowed to sit in the ice melt water. We suggest that our customers and end-users always re-ice when necessary and be sure the master cases or bags are draining; punch holes if necessary to allow good drainage. Mussels also require air when they are out of water. Allow them to breathe and be sure that whatever they are stored in has at least a small opening for air. Direct contact with blowing air such as in a seafood case or some refrigerators will cause the mussels to dry out and shorten shelf life. Keeping them covered with a damp cloth or ice and providing good drainage will increase shelf-life. If properly cared for mussels can live for 14 days out of water.

See our section on High Oxygen Tray Packs for further information on storage and handling using a patented high oxygen tray pack which is a consumer friendly, refrigerator ready container providing dry storage and improved freshness and shelf life.


Mussels will naturally "gape" when out of water, this means they naturally open and close their shells while in storage. A gaping mussel does not automatically mean the mussel is dead. If a mussel remains "gaping", run cold fresh water over the mussel while tapping, agitating or lightly squeezing the open mussel between your fingers; in most cases the mussel will close up tightly. Discard any gaping mussels that don't close as well as any with cracked or broken shells.

Mussels feed entirely on plankton. To do this they can filter up to 65 litres of water a day.