Proud to provide a variety of different ways for your customers to enjoy our world famous Prince Edward Island Mussels.


Canadian Cove is proud to provide premium shellfish to major markets across North America & Asia. For more information on where to purchase Canadian Cove Mussels, please contact our office at 902.651.2563.

Our fresh mussels are available in a variety of different pack options to best suit your needs:

Food Service
1x25lb. Wet pack
2x25lb. Wet pack
5x10lb. Wet pack
10x5lb. Wet pack
5x5lb. Wet pack
1x10lb Dry Pack
25x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
12x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
10x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
8x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
5x2lb. Mesh or plastic wet pack
5x2lb Mesh or Plastic Dry Pack

We also pack vats 350lb to 1200lb with any combination of the Wet Packs above. Vats allow us to pack the mussels in extra ice providing exceptional shelf life and quality.


Canadian Cove Frozen Mussels We start frozen production in September and stop in May before the mussels go into their spawning cycle. We produce a one and two pound pre-cooked vacuum packed product in several size ranges either plain or in sauce. Our team can also customize and brand a sauce especially for you.

We believe there are several points which set our frozen mussels apart.

  • Only high quality Canadian Cove mussels are selected for processing.
  • We believe both the flavour and texture of our mussel meat is superior.
  • Our shells are slightly thicker and reduce the likelihood of splintering during processing.
  • When our frozen mussels are reconstituted they pop open.

Did you know… that Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program has included farmed mussels among their list of BEST CHOICES for seafood consumers. Their “Best Choices” are defined as abundant, well-managed and caught or farmed in environmentally friendly ways.


In 2007 Atlantic Aqua Farms was granted permission to process and ship a high oxygen tray pack.

The company developed the process over 8 years of in house and third party lab experimentation and trials with different gas mixes and packaging combinations to provide the optimum conditions for product quality and shelf life.

The mixture relaxes the mussels and puts them in a dormant state and extends shelf life. Supported by third party laboratory microbiological analysis, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has granted our packs up to an 18 day shelf life. In addition to the long shelf life our high oxygen packaging is much more consumer friendly. Ninety percent of the mussels sold in Europe are sold in similar packaging. We currently produce 1lb, 2lb and 5lb trays.

For details on how to store our High Oxygen Tray Packs, check out our How To Store page? If you have more questions on our trays, feel free to contact us.

Are the mussels in the tray ready to cook?
Yes, after rinsing the mussels under cold water for 2-3 minutes, they are ready to prepare.
Are the mussels okay if some did not close after rinsing?
Mussels packed in the High Oxygen Pack Trays will take a few extra minutes to respond to rinsing & stimulation. Please rinse and agitate under cold running water for at least 2-3 minutes. Some mussels my still be open a little and this is okay. After steaming the mussels and if a mussel does not open wide showing the full meat then we recommend discarding that mussel.
Can I freeze the mussels in the High Oxygen Pack Tray?
Our Trays contain fresh live mussels so they need to be steamed/cooked. If your freeze them from their live state by mistake, we recommend you discard them.
How long are the mussels in the High Oxygen Pack Tray good for?
Mussels packed in High Oxygen Tray Packs have a best before date on them. Always give them a smell before you cook them to ensure they smell fresh like the ocean and do not have a strong fishy odour.